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Servicing small businesses of WA to provide a value for money product suited to your exact requirements.

Let us discover your goals and present your vision to a potential customer who may live anywhere in the world.

Every client will have a different approach and we have the flexability to work with what you need, new website, social media or even just check over the online profiles you already have.

Website Building

Websites can be developed in your choice of web builder with most to date being built using WordPress and WIX. Websites can be set up with analytics to see the data about your website. EcoAngle Web Design can offer support and recommendations on domain names, SSL tickets and website hosting which are at an additional cost over the design of the website. There is so many options but EcoAngle Web Design is more than happy to work through as required. Note: Services are for the design of your website. All written content for posts and pages to be supplied in a typed format unless otherwise arranged.

Colour choices and a unique logo can identify your business to customers before they read what you are about. Logos and branding can add credibility and authenticity to your business over your competitors. EcoAngle Web Design can develop a basic logo to use across your website, social media and printed business products. Your business logo and colours can make your product or service instantly recognised by customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is recommended for all websites sounds scary and like something to avoid it is one of the biggest impacts to where your business will rank when a customer searches. SEO can also allow for your business to target to the most desired audience based on the products and services you offer. Organic optimisation takes time to see results but it is how your customers find you now and allow your website to develop to get the customers in the future by using specific keywords on your site. EcoAngle Web Design will use header tags, alt image descriptions and rich snippets to improve your search rankings and search engine credibility.

EcoAngle Web Design can also provide a full website test service that will analyse your site loading speeds, response times, design elements to ensure your site is offering the best possibilities for accessibility in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3). Testing occurs across a range of internet browsers and different forms of connections and devices. The report will make recommendations for improvements and compare your site to a similar website from the same industry.​

Websites designed from scratch will include the following where possible

Online Business Listings and Social Media Profiles

Did you Google search the last time you needed a local tradie near you? Have you done a quick internet search on your phone to find the nearest fuel station or restaurant? Does your business have a verified online listing so you can be seen by your customers? Takes only a small amount of time to set up a digital business listing in some of the most popular search engines but can impact getting customers through your doors or to ring you for potential work.

Social media comes in many forms but you don’t want it to be a huge time drain on your business of doing business. Linking your webpage to your social media links and back again helps customers find you and make contact with you in whatever form you prefer. Reviews and recommendations go a long way to a customer choosing to make that first contact with your business. EcoAngle Web Design can also assist with choosing the best #hashtags and image statements to suit your business direction.​

Digital Photography and Digital Media Cataloging

A website with clear and optimised photos takes an average website to the next level very easily. Think about your favourite sites and they are highly likely to have carefully selected real images you can only find with your business. Stock photos have their place at times but not to tell the story of “your business”. You know what I mean, “the business handshake’, ‘the call centre girl’ , ‘the rising finance graph’ etc.
Digitising your printed photos can make them easily shared with friends and family around the world as well as backing them up in several locations if there was an event happen to loose the physical copy. Todays community is also taking more photos than every generation before but would you loose them if you lost your phone or are they across multiple devices and "one-day" you plan to put them all together?